About Us

MTA clients include educational institutions, churches, public agencies, and other design professionals and public agencies, such as the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and the Philadelphia Housing Authority. While most projects are in our home state of Pennsylvania, we have led significant projects in five other states, including long-term relationships in North Carolina.

We have applied our specialized understanding of exterior envelopes to both historic buildings, like Single Sisters House, College Hall, Furness Library, and Philadelphia City Hall, as well as to the 1950s residences of the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Adaptive reuse projects range from unobtrusive upgrades, such as ADA compliance and complete, new systems for minimally changed floor plans at Single Sisters House, to total circulation re-routing and doubling of the space at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

The combined experience, as architect and preservationist, imbues MTA historic preservation recommendations with an understanding of design issues.

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